Emma’s First EEG

She was a CHAMPION.
Just look at that smile.
All those wires are attached to stickies on her skin, and all of them had to come off. Only as the last one came off did a little frown appear.


After her EEG, she had a two hour echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart. She didn’t like being naked covered with cold gel while being pushed and prodded. But she did like her “sweeties,” the sugar-water the tech gave her to keep her happy. Poor darling.

She’s not a crier…

But she definitely makes her opinion known.

Here she is doing her best impression of Queen Victoria: “We are not amused.”



Just look at that sassy little eyebrow.

Pacifier Pro

20130208_125348 20130215_141752 20130220_113602

And she’s a lady about it too.

Good thing, cause she doesn’t like her carseat very much at all.


The Poosplosion

This particular parental rite of passage was inevitable.

thepoosplosion theaftermath

Total damage: 1 diaper, 14 wipes, 3 q-tips (it was in her bellybutton!), and two paper towels; plus a onesie, a sleepsack, and her fluffy blanket all straight to the washing machine.

There was no warning.