This year, we were the chef(s), the bun, and the oven. Punny, eh? The timer on the oven reads “78 Days Left.”

How could I pass up the pregnant-at-Halloween opportunity?

Our first Trunk or Treat was a great success. The ward had a great turnout, and we got several nice compliments on our costumes and decorations. The balloon pumpkins were super quick and easy to set up; the dry ice was popular (and surprisingly cheap). The white balloon in the upper left was a ghost: he’s got a scary face, but the balloon kept turning. All the balloons have glowsticks in them, but it was too light outside (even after dark), to see them very well. Next year will be even better.

Emma’s Newest Ultrasound


First, the 2D images: a nice profile, and her sweet smiling face.

With the 3D images, the tech explained that the technology isn’t perfect: so things may seem a little distorted, when in reality the baby is just fine–the video shows a perfect baby girl. Her left hand is in front of her face, her thumb in front of her chin. The cord is front of her left forehead. The dark patch on her head isn’t hair–it’s just a ultrasound shadow.

(Click on an image to view it larger.)